Overnight Overviews 9/1-9/3/15

A little catch-up from the last few days on the Overnight Overview’s below are Odds Sheets with comments…in order.

Monday night:
2015-09-01 image1

NQ showed a possible upside edge, but it was not confirmed by anything else. And Seasonality numbers were especially weak, providing a strong warning for anyone considering a long trade. I sat out as did everyone in the room to my knowledge. Good thing, too. The Odds helped us avoid trouble that night as ES gapped down over 46 points.

Tuesday night:
2015-09-02 image1

Odds were mixed on Tuesday with nothing meeting the min criteria for a long or a short trade. There was no clear edge, so I sat out. As it turned out, ES had a strong night and gapped up 22.75 points on Wednesday.

Wednesday night:
2015-09-03 image1

SPY suggested a long-side edge, but evidence overall simply was not compelling enough for me to take a long position. So I sat out. SPY was right, and the market gapped up 8.00 points on Thursday morning.

Good luck if you trade tonight and rest easy!



New to the Odds Sheets? Check out this video for a detailed explanation.

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