Educational Videos

Overnight Edges Subscriber Tools

Understanding the Odds Sheets
Rob reviews the Odds Sheets, explains the information available, and how he utilizes it.
Overnight EdgeFinder
An overview of the Overnight EdgeFinder tool

Trading Approaches & Research

Hist. Analysis of the Seasonal Odds Sheets
Rob discusses the Seasonal Odds and how different filters would have impacted historical overnight performance.
OE Basic Decision Making Guidelines
Rob Hanna discusses how he uses the Odds Sheets and Overnight Edgefinder for decisions making, shows how different parameters would have performed historically, and shares his “standard” parameters for taking long or short positions overnight.
Intro to Overnight Trading
Intro to the edges that are available between the close and the next day’s open

Market Education

Why Seasonal Strategies Need to be Adaptive
Rob explains why seasonal strategies, such as the ones Overnight Edges use, need to be adaptive