About Overnight Edges

Overnight Edges is the first quantitatively-oriented site dedicated entirely to taking advantage of overnight market movements. Intensive research is used to construct easy-to-understand tables, which serve as the foundation for determining our overnight bias. These are the Overnight Edges Odds Sheets.


Further evidence is provided by our Overnight Edgefinder tool that identifies setups and discusses historical performance of those odds in plain English.


Overnight Edges is brought to you by Rob Hanna, founder of Quantifiable Edges.  Rob spent nearly 8 years researching and trading the overnight market before unveiling Overnight Edges.  Educational videos, our support wiki, and the Overnight Edges Trading Discussion Room (open several days per week near the 4pm EST NYSE market close) are all designed to allow those new to quantitative trading (or overnight trading) the ability to benefit from this research and experience.


We will soon be releasing premium products for advanced quantitative traders as well.  We encourage you to snoop around a bit.  The video below is an introduction to overnight trading.  You can learn more about Rob’s experience in the “About” section.  Both the “Education” section and “Blog” are free for all and will continue to grow.  So check back often – or join our mailing list to receive blog updates and more delivered to you periodically.