Rob, wanted to drop you a note and wish you and your family a good Christmas and profitable New Year.

I have been reviewing my business plan and results for 2013 and found that OvernightEdges represented 40% of my profits for the period.

Looking forward to 2014…

All the best & thanks,

Ryan – trader – 12/24/13

I am still very happy with both Quantifiable Edges and Overnight Edges. Learning a lot on how to approach the markets, and great trading advice. I really hope you plan to keep providing your services for many years to come!

Durk V – trader 8/18/13

Hey Rob,

I didn’t want to gush in the room, but I wanted to let you know that I switched from the monthly to the annual subscription today. The service has provided great value over the last two months, and I’ve enjoyed both the quality of your research and your even-keeled vibe.


George M – trader – 7/15/13

Hi Rob,

I want to compliment you on your work.  It is just my style!…Also, I really like how you are willing to test ideas that we have while we are in the trading room.  It is insightful and educational…Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Diane F. – trader – 2/5/13

Your service is great. I find both the Quantifiable Edges & Overnight Edges very much in sync with my trading style.  Thanks!



Steve K. – trader 2/11/13


I just renewed.

I think your newsletter and Overnight Edges are some of the best values out there.

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.


Russ – trader – 11/25/12

“Good job Rob!  Your new service is a nice addition to a diversified trading portfolio.




Krystian (trader) – 10/13/12

I’m loving the Overnight Edges approach, awesome work on that!

Greg C. – full time trader

The Night Owl Trader is pleased to have some company in the overnight. There’s definitely some good opportunities trading ES this way.

Michele (NightOwlTrader.blogspot.com)

@qerob New site OvernightEdges.com looks great! Very exciting stuff!

Woodshedder (@Woodshedder of Woodshedder blog on iBankCoin.com)

I’d wish you ‘good luck’ (with Overnight Edges) but the odds of success are clearly in your favor so I don’t have to.

Dave B – full time trader and Quantifiable Edges subscriber

“I have been aware of Rob’s overnight research since 2006 and seen the sizable opportunity the overnight session provides. As a trader, I have taken advantage of Rob’s work and traded the overnight profitably. I’m glad to see he finally turned it into a service and look forward to following Overnight Edges. Being able to capture the overnight moves when they happen should be part of any trading strategy as much of the move for a given day often happens in the overnight session.”

P. Pierce, retired portfolio manager