Trading Results


This page is designed so that traders may easily follow how Rob Hanna has personally done with his own overnight trades since the inception of Overnight Edges. It is not indicative of how others may be doing, even if they use the same information. Overnight Edges should not be considered a trading system. It is an information resource. That information can come in the form of 1) the Odds Sheets, which are published near the close each day, 2) the EdgeFinder or studies shown on the Overnight Edges site via the EdgeFinder Notes page, the Blog, or in the Discussion Room, or 3) in the form of personal opinion or observations that are shared by Rob Hanna or others in the form of chat comments, remarks in the Discussion Room, blog posts or elsewhere on the site.

While Rob willingly shares his research, observations, and opinions, these bits of information should not be mistaken for trade recommendations of any kind.

To track how Rob’s trades have done, the following tools/pages are available:


1)      All trades that Rob takes he discusses in the blog the next day.  They are all marked with the “Trade Result” tag.  They read like a trade diary.  To view all of them and get a feel for the logic behind them you may use the link below:


2)      To see the tracking account trade spreadsheet and account statements, use the link below:


There is certainly no assurance that anyone could achieve similar results in the future.  We encourage you to explore the logic and approach used by Overnight Edges, and to consider whether using the information on this site could help you improve your own overnight approach.


If you have questions on any of this, you may use the contact form to reach us.